The proposal of the Ministry of Peace for the whole world

Apg23 brings to the United Nations his proposal for a ministry of peace.

September 21st - from 1pm to 2.30pm - Palazzo delle Nazioni, Room XXV - Geneva

During the 39th Session of the Human Rights Council, which takes place from 10 to 28 September 2018 and in the occasion of the UN International Day on Peace, this  Friday 21 September 2018, APG23 together with the UN University of Peace of Costa Rica, organized at the United Nations Geneva a parallel event entitled "Calling for Ministries of Peace all around the world "

At the event, which will be held in  Room XXV from 1.00 pm to 2.30 pm , the research work "Calling for Ministries of Peace at the Round the World" will be presented.

During the event  Giovanni Ramonda, President of APG23, will explain the intuition of Don Oreste Benzi, founder of the association, of the need for a bottom-up diplomacy that wants to turn peace into a concrete reality; Fabio Agostoni,  representative of the APG23 Office at the UN, will introduce the structure of the document and the thematic areas in which the ministry can operate: 1) respect for human rights; 2) peace education and promotion of peace policies; 3) prevention of conflicts and violence and reconciliation or conflict mediation.

These same thematic areas will then be explored by three experts:

  • Micheal Weiner – Human Rights Officier at OHCHR
  • Carmen Parra  - UNESCO Chair in Peace, Solidarity and Intercultural Dialogue at the University of Abat Oliba (Spain);
  • Giulia Zurlini Panza  - researcher and volunteer of Operation Dove

that for each thematic area will deepen the related principles and concrete actions that a Ministry of Peace could put in place.

In the last mr. David Fernandez Pujana  - Ambassador of the UN Peace University in Costa Rica - will illustrate the concrete example of the Ministry of Peace in Costa Rica and how an infrastructure for peace can work concretely to promote the human right to peace at national and international level .

The event, which will be moderated by Dr.  Maria Mercedes Rossi  - main representative of APG23 at the UN - was co-sponsored by the State of San Marino, by the University of Padua - Human Rights Center "Antonio Papisca" , from the UNESCO University Abat Oliva Ceu (Spain) and from the UNESCO professorship at the University of Bergamo (Italy) and from the civil society organizations IADL (Interantional association of Democratic lawyers), Paz sin Fronteras, IFOR (international Fellowship of reconciliation) and Association Vittorio Chizzolini.


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