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Profit and social inclusion, a possible pairing

"Our challenge is to bring the dignity of the world of work to people usually excluded from it.
Ordinary businesses are driven by the profit motive alone.
We, on the other hand, in addition to having a thriving economic and social balance sheet, believe we are creating added value. This consists of the people who, having received vocational training our cooperatives, recover their own potential enabling them to re-enter the world of work. We don’t do this out of charity not mere assistance, rather we provide support for disadvantaged people to stand on their own two feet.
We do not give, nor do we receive charity, our cooperatives operate in the market just like any other business. We are able to compete with other entrepreneurs and, in addition to making a profit, we place value on people, thus retuning a healthy social balance sheet.
Profit and social inclusion are absolutely not mutually exclusive, our cooperatives are the proof of this.

Arciso Peretto, Co-ordinator of the Pope John XXIII Community Sharing Consortium

Right from the start, it was clear that in order to give real dignity to disadvantaged people and those with disabilities, it is not enough just to welcome them into families, it is also necessary to enable them to find a job.
One of the most incisive factors in the path to liberation of the least is the many cooperatives operating all over Italy. Cooperatives are genuine enterprises that apply the principles of the society of gratuitousness in practical terms, showing that those principles are economically sustainable and applicable, despite operating in the market.
In the society of gratuitousness people take from their work only that which is necessary to live in dignity.
The Community runs the following types of cooperative.

  • Education cooperatives to meet the social and educational needs of the most vulnerable disadvantaged people.
  • Working cooperatives to help disadvantaged people return to work (former drug addicts, ex-prisoner, homeless people and people with mental disorders.


The Pope John XXIII Sharing Consortium

The Pope John XXIII Sharing Consortium was founded to enable the Community’s cooperatives in Italy to work in harmony. It coordinates, supports and invigorates the cooperatives, acting as consultants and forging strategic partnerships.
The basic objective of the Consortium is to carry forward the work begun by the Pope John XXIII Community, stimulating and providing practical support for placing people considered, for various reasons, the poorest in society to find work and an education.

Registered and Administrative Offices
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Tax code and VAT Number 02202690406
Set-up date: 24/06/1992
Chairman: Giovanni Ramonda


Comunità Papa Giovanni XXIII Coop. Soc.
Rimini (RN)

Condivisione Fra i Popoli O.N.L.U.S.
Rimini (RN)


La Fraternità
Rimini (RN)

Cieli e Terra Nuova
Rimini (RN)

Il Calabrone
S.Pietro di Legnago (VR)

Il Calabrone Cremona
Cremona (CR)

Il Ramo
San Rocco Bermezzo (CN)

L'Eco Papa Giovanni XXIII
Dueville (VI)

Dueville (VI)

Il Pungiglione
Mulazzo (MS)

Rò la Formichina
Santa Venerina (CT)

Rose Blu
Villa San Giovanni (RC)

I Tesori della Terra
Cervasca (CN)

San Damiano 
Sorso (SS)

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