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This website is managed by Comunità Papa Giovanni XXIII and the organizations connected with it in the so-called “Consorzio”.
In the following, Comunità Papa Giovanni XXIII and the “Consorzio” will be referred to as “APG23”.
APG23 is conscious about risks on your privacy while browsing the web and intends to do its best in order to respect rules which guarantee a secure, controlled and confidential use of this website. This policy can change with the passing of time, even due to laws and regulations or because of decisions of APG23, to supply a satisfactory service to the users of its website. So we invite you to read, now and again, this section of our website. 
Our basic policy
  1. Process personal data only for the purposes and with the means described in the privacy notice given to the users when he / she gives his /her personal data by landing on pages where data are collected, directly or indirectly
  2. Use the only personal data given, on a volunteer basis, by the user
  3. Personal data can be passed on to third parties (data controllers), accurately selected by APG23, exclusively to perform activities connected with the user’s requests
  4. Communicate personal data to third parties only if necessary to perform the user’s request or if required by laws and regulations
  5. Reply to your requests of access to data, cancelation or modification of data, and of ob-jection, on legitimate grounds, to data processing, or for the sending of advertising materi-als and fund raising campaigns
  6. Ensure a secure and lawful processing of your personal data, protecting your privacy and apply security measures to minimize the risk of unlawful usage or processing and to ensure integrity and availability of information concerning you.
Privacy notice
As better described in the sections where data are collected – such as when registering for obtain services you are interested in – required data are used to reply to your express requests. In particu-lar, the collection – and subsequent processing – of personal data are carried out to pursue institu-tional goals of APG23 and in particular for the following purposes: 
  1. to reply to requests of information about on-going and future activities, projects and initia-tives 
  2. managing contributions and donations for our projects, given even through the purchase of our products
  3. sending of our newsletter you have signed-up
  4. inform about mission and how to join in. 
The forms to be filled in can ask to give data which are compulsory because strictly necessary to get what required and in case of omission it is not possible to perform the service required. It is pos-sible that are required even data with voluntary nature. In general, compulsory data are marked with a star (*).
Data processing is carried out with and without the help of automatic means. We process only per-sonal data relevant and not excessive in relation to the purposes for which they are collected and subsequently processed, in compliance with the rules concerning security measures and for the purposes described in the privacy notice.
APG23 shan’t use personal data for different purposes from the ones the user has given them for and, in any case, within the terms described in the privacy notice.
In order to carry out the services required by the user, personal data could be passed on to third parties – autonomous data controller – which perform activities connected with what required by the user (e.g.: banks, credit card issuing bodies for donations) or to comply with laws and regula-tions. Personal data will be neither communicated for other purposes, nor disseminated. They won’t be transferred abroad. Only if the user has given his/her prior consent or if expressly required,  per-sonal data will be processed for the sending of advertising materials, through mail, e-mail, phone, Sms and Mms.
Personal data will be made available to persons expressly authorised by APG23 and therefore ap-pointed in charge of the processing: they will carry out necessary processes for the above men-tioned purposes. Categories of persons in charge of the processing are defined each time in the privacy note. In general, these are people in charge of specific services, such as administration, management of informational services, relations with effective and potential donors, organisers of informational campaigns about our projects and of the so-called “social advertising” supporting our humanitarian initiatives, fund raising campaigns organisers, persons performing activities con-nected with information technology and security measures.
Comunità Papa Giovanni XXIII – having registered office in Via Mameli 1, 47900 Rimini (RN – Italy) – and the single organization of Consorzio – each by itself with regard to the processing carried out autonomously – are the data controllers because decide the purposes and the modalities for the data collection and processing, even with regard to the security measures to be applied.
You are granted the right to access to your personal data, cancel, modify, integrate your data al-ready given or ask for blocking, anonymization, or object to the processing of personal data on le-gitimate grounds or for the purpose of sending advertising materials and information about our fund raising campaigns. Thanks to these rights, you can check the use of your data also after you have given them. 
Rights of data subjects
You have the right to be informed, by writing to Comunità Papa Giovanni XXIII – Via Valverde 10/C 47900 Rimini – RN – Italy or Via Punta di 2D 47122 Forlì FC - Italy or by sending an e-mail to about:
  1. Confirmation as to whether or not personal data exist and communication of such data in intelligible form and their source; the logic applied to the processing carried out with elec-tronic means
  2. Erasure, anonymization or blocking of data processed unlawfully
  3. Updating, rectification or integration of data
  4. Object, on legitimate grounds, to the processing of personal data 
  5. Object to the processing of personal data where it is carried out for the sending of advertis-ing materials, commercial and fund raising communications.
Data Processors
Your personal data could be processed, with or without of automatic means, directly by APG23 or by third parties selected on account of their experience, capabilities and reliability, thorough com-pliance with the provisions in force applying to processing as also related to security matters. These parties are selected by APG23 and strictly controlled in their tasks. It could be the case of compa-nies which carry out activities connected with the delivery of advertising and fund raising materials.
The full and updated list of third parties in charge of the processing can be requested at the ad-dress, or at the mail address mentioned in the paragraph above. 
Third parties to which data can be communicated
Your personal data can be communicated to third parties, autonomous data controller, for pur-poses connected to the performance of the services you are interested in (e.g.: credit card issuing bodies for the donations) or because it is required to be compliant with laws and regulations or to reply to authorities’ requests. Your personal data will be never disseminated.
No personal data concerning users is acquired by the website in this regard. No cookies are used to transmit personal information, nor are so-called persistent cookies or user tracking systems imple-mented. Use of the so-called session cookies – which are not stored permanently on the user's computer and disappear upon closing the browser – is exclusively limited to the transmission of ses-sion ID's – consisting of server-generated casual numbers – as necessary to allow secure, effective navigation. The so-called session cookies used by this website make it unnecessary to implement other computer techniques that are potentially detrimental to the confidentiality of user naviga-tion, whilst they do not allow acquiring the user's personal identification data.
Navigation data
The information systems and software procedures relied upon to operate this website acquire per-sonal data as part of their standard functioning; the transmission of such data is an inherent feature of Internet communication protocols. Such information is not collected in order to relate it to identi-fied data subjects, however it might allow user identification after being processed and matched with data held by third parties. This data category includes IP addresses and/or the domain names of the computers used by any user connecting with this web site, the URI (Uniform Resource Identi-fier) addresses of the requested resources, the time of such requests, the method used for submit-ting a given request to the server, returned file size, a numerical code relating to server response status (successfully performed, error and so on), and other parameters related to the user's operat-ing system and computer environment.
These data are only used to extract anonymous statistical information on website use as well as to check its functioning; they are erased immediately after being processed. The data might be used to establish liability in case computer crimes are committed against the website.
Your personal data security
APG23 applies preventable security measures to protect your data from unauthorized access, pri-vacy breach, and to keep your personal data with integrity, completeness, availability. We adopt procedures apt to minimize the risk of their destruction, loss, unlawful or unauthorized processing. Such measures are applied by third parties (data processors) which carry out activities on our be-half. On the other end, APG23 cannot be liable for untrue information sent directly by the user or by third parties, even with fraud.
Credit cards and financial information
Donations paid by credit card and PayPal are guaranteed with maximum protection and confi-dentiality. Information about credit card (number, expiration date, holder’s name and surname) can be known only by APG23 and by the bank. The retention of the related information will be lim-ited to the necessary period of time to check the positive transaction. It is understood that APG23 will not be responsible for unlawful usage of the said information or of your credit card by third par-ties who are unauthorized or behaving with fraud.

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